Agri Projects

Walnan 4 will turn your ideas into implementable and executable projects. We advise the right and ideal methodology to adopt to implement, track and manage your projects, develop an ideal xMO for the project and train on how to manage the project xMO.

- Community Development Projects
- Research and Development

We are a leading agricultural development company based in Ghana. With a strong focus on sustainable and innovative solutions, we are dedicated to driving agricultural growth and empowering local communities across Africa.

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Crop Production and Management

We provide comprehensive services for crop production, including seed selection, land preparation, crop planting, fertilization, pest and disease control, and harvesting techniques.

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Sustainable Farming Practices

We advocate for organic farming, crop rotation, agroforestry, and precision agriculture techniques to reduce reliance on chemical inputs and ensure long-term ecological balance.

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Capacity Building

We provide education and support in modern farming techniques, financial management, post-harvest handling, and entrepreneurship to enhance skills and promote self-sufficiency.

Enhancing Agri Projects for Sustainable Growth

With a passionate team of agricultural experts, a strong commitment to sustainability, and a drive to make a difference, Walnan 4 is at the forefront of agricultural development on the African continent.

We strive to unlock the immense potential of African agriculture and create a prosperous and food-secure future for all.

Through our wide range of agri projects, we aim to enhance food security, promote economic development, and foster environmental sustainability.

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