Agro Commodities Sourcing and Trading

We engage in both the sourcing and sale of commodities, trading in key commodities such as cashew nuts, shea nuts, lettuce etc... on the domestic and export markets.

Walnan 4 works closely with farmers, cooperatives, and agricultural associations to source a wide range of high-quality agro commodities. We ensure that the products meet international standards and are sourced sustainably, promoting environmentally friendly practices.

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Trading and Distribution

We facilitate the efficient trading and distribution of agro commodities across Africa and globally.

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Quality Assurance

Walnan 4 places great emphasis on maintaining the highest quality standards of our commodities.

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Market Analysis and Consulting

We provide market analysis and consulting services to assist our clients in making informed decisions.

Empowering Agriculture, Connecting Commodities.

Walnan 4 is dedicated to being a trusted partner in the agro commodities industry. By sourcing high-quality products, ensuring fair trade practices, and fostering sustainable agricultural practices, we aim to contribute to Africa's economic growth, food security, and overall development.

We are a leading agro commodities sourcing and trading company based in Africa, dedicated to fostering sustainable farming practices and bridging the gap between farmers and global markets.

Our expert fulfillment team work tirelessly to source high-quality agricultural commodities directly from our virtual farming production projects, outgrowers, Yɛn twa nnru Project and in-growers ensuring fair trade and empowering rural communities.

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